Prophesy Impact Podcast - Arleen Westerhof

Powerful insights and interviews on how to receive God’s strategies for personal, city and national transformation. Host Dr. Arleen Westerhof has seen God change the Red Light District of Amsterdam,  and launched organizations that are changing the face of business and economics. It’s no longer enough to know how to get prophetic revelation. We also have to know how to apply it. This podcast will show you how.

arleen westerhof podcast
Episode 1 Prophesy Impact Podcast || Tipping Point Moments Part 1. Leaving what you know. (Ep.1)

Very few people realize the magnitude of the change we’re in, but it’s the ability to recognise tipping point moments in the world, and in our lives, that puts us on the path to impact. So, how do we recognise them? Part 1, leaving what you know.

Episode 2 Prophesy Impact Podcast || Tipping Point Moments Part 2. Shaking – not for destruction, but for transformation. (Ep. 2)
“It isn’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just isn’t so!” Tipping points force us to re-examine our paradigms. But this is easier said than done. Discover how hearing God’s voice can help.
Episode 3 How red flags changed the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Sometimes tipping point moments come disguised as opportunities to obey God even when what He’s asking you to do looks ridiculous. Learn how an act of ridiculous obedience resulted in a measurable 40% decrease of prostitution in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. 

Episode 4 Loneliness, frustration and the pathway to innovation and breakthrough

My husband and I planted and lead what many consider to be one of the most innovative apostolic centers in the world. However, we quickly discovered that loneliness and frustration go hand in hand with innovation. Using our personal story, I talk about what to do when nothing goes like you expected, you have no models to follow and you don’t want to be the next in line to fail. 

Episode 5 Prophetic Word: God Is Calling Us To Return To The Upper Room

Our encounters with God from the past will not enable us to move into the new things that God is doing right now. There’s a cry from the Lord going out across the earth: “Who will respond to My call to return to the Upper Room?” Only those who answer His invitation will run with Him into the new things that He’s doing. This podcast talks about why.

Episode 6 Moving from breakthrough to victory with the favor of God

Breakthrough is not the victory. Instead, it’s the position from which we advance towards the victory, and God’s favour is absolutely essential in this process. Favour isn’t for those who feel strong. It’s for those who know they’re not! In this podcast I talk about some crucial things that we need to know about God’s favour if our lives are going to have impact. 

“When you get an amazing prophetic word spoken out over your life, RUN!” Why? Because often the very first thing that will happen after that will be the exact opposite of what was prophesied. This is how God’s prophetic processes work in our lives and they are meant to test and to change us. In this podcast I talk about how this works and how we can keep believing when everything seems to go haywire!

Episode 8 The absolute necessity of finding your passion if you’re going to change your world.

Passion is always connected to calling. The challenge is that we often don’t recognise it or take it seriously. This podcast discusses how to discover your passion and how God can use it to spur you on to do extraordinary things. Practical examples are given of how this works today, including how God inflamed a passion that I didn’t even know that I had to start a world class think tank that’s changing the economies of nations! And I’m not an economist!