About Dr. Arleen Westerhof

Arleen Westerhof is, together with her husband Dick Westerhof, the Lead Pastor of the God’s Embassy Church in Amsterdam. Dick and Arleen planted the church in 2005 and since then, it has become a cutting-edge Apostolic Center with an anointing for Reformation and Transformation.

Prophetic conversations

Word of the Lord for 2023 - Shining in Deep Darkness by Dr. Arleen Westerhof

Prophetic word for 2023

1. Allow the Lord to sanctify us
2. It is a new d-day. He has tipped the scales, things have been turned.
3. Connect to the apostolic and prophetic (marriage)
4. Remember the blood and the blood covenant in communion this year

Dr. Arleen Westerhof & Dr. Sharon Stone - War in the Spring (Prophetic Conversations)

In this video Dr. Arleen and Dr. Sharon discuss the prophetic words about WWIII. Can war be avoided this time around, or has God in His sovereignty, decided that war will come? They also talk about what our role is as prophets in a time of war and how to resist fear. This is an important conversation in these turbulent times.

Dr. Arleen Westerhof & Cindy Jacobs - Prophetic Perspective "War on our Doorstep"

Watch the Prophetic Perspective with Dr. Arleen Westerhof & Cindy Jacobs about the topic ‘War on Our Doorstep’. Cindy Jacobs shared her Prophetic Insights during a leaders meeting at the God’s Embassy Church in Amsterdam. It truly was a historical and prophetic meeting in the heart of The Netherlands. Either an interview between Cindy Jacobs and Dr. Arleen Westerhof has been recorded about the War situation between Russia and Ukraïne.

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"Impact: Prophesy And Change The World"​

Prophecy is meant for more. Prophecy transforms people’s lives, but it is meant for more. God is ready to transform every segment of society, and He reveals strategies to accomplish it. Arleen Westerhof shows us how to work with prophetic revelation. She describes how to give prophetic words, test prophecies, and how apostles and prophets can work together to accomplish breakthrough. She shows that character development, inner healing and deliverance are essential for anyone building a prophetic ministry.

Trainings given by Dr. Arleen Westerhof

Registration is now open for the Prophetic Training Mentoring. This group will start in March 2023 and will help participants to learn to prophesy from the Spirit of wisdom and revelation into every sphere of society, including the church.

Vanaf heden is de Online Profetische Mentorschap Groep open voor nieuwe aanmeldingen. Deze groep begint in maart 2023 en is bedoeld om mensen te helpen in de Geest van wijsheid en openbaring te profeteren in elke invloedsfeer van de samenleving, inclusief de gemeente.